Live Casino Dealers – The Face of a Revolution

Casino players, both old and new, are living in ann exciting age for gaming. Previously, there were two options; play online versus an automated, and possibly rigged system, and sit through hours of badly pixelated cards flipping over, or head a real, physical casino and risk being out of one’s depth against serious players who are not always the most welcoming to newbies. However, over the last few years, thanks to faster connections, changing demands and more advanced software, there is now a third option that is more popular than ever; playing online with a real life, real time dealer.

The benefits of the live casino online experience are many, for both players and the casino itself. Firstly, a live dealer casino mitigates the age old complaint of the casino or table being rigged. A faceless computer program is replaced with a living, breathing and experienced dealer that deals random cards in real time. Players can be sure that their money is being spent in an establishment where there truly is a chance to win big. Players can even ‘test the waters’ by asking the dealer to call out their name or answer a question that requires a tailored response, and in 99% of cases the dealer will happily oblige.

Secondly, for players, live casino games bridge a gap for anyone sick and tired of playing against software, but who is also not quite confident enough yet to step into a real life casino. This attracts players who have perhaps grown tired of the traditional software based experience, and wants to get a feel for the lingo, customs and traditions of a live casino without having to ‘jump off the deep end’. Most casinos elaborate on this experience by not only offering live dealers, but providing a range of rooms based on skill level. A hardened casino player who wants a serious, fast paced and high stakes game can sit at one table, whilst a newbie who wants to play alongside other newcomers can get accustomed in a less high pressured environment. In these cases, the stakes are often lower and the pace of play is slower, meaning players can take their time if needed without embarrassing themselves or frustrating other players.

There is also a cost saving element to using live casino games. Many players will notice that they are often having their cards dealt by an offshore based dealer. For many casinos, this allows them to keep their costs down, and in turn provide more tables, catering for different skill levels, and indeed for different games altogether. Instead of paying ten dealers to run a series of possibly empty tables, the casino can simply run as many or as few games at one time as they need, without that real life consideration of having only half the casino’s tables running, and leaving the other half of the casino looking like a ‘no go’ area. Indeed, many mainstream online casinos will actually share dealers with other companies. Whilst the player may be sat at a table at their favourite online casino, the player that they are ‘sat’ alongside may be from a completely different casino altogether. This once again ensures lower costs, and a higher likelihood of full tables when players log in.

Online casinos really are undergoing a major change at present. Advances in technology are happening quicker than ever and with bigger jumps in capability than has ever been experienced. A casual player sat on the bus on their morning commute can log in and play Blackjack for ten minutes against a house run by a live dealer, whilst a seasoned poker player with less spare cash than usual can make a deposit from their credit card and play a high octane, large stakes game without having to leave the sofa. Whatever the reason, live casino dealers are the face of an online gaming and gambling revolution.