A look under the hood of UK online casinos

Online gamblers love the UK’s web based casinos, but there is plenty for software geeks to get their teeth into here as well. Online casino software is becoming ever more sophisticated, enabling casinos to delivery more and more innovative, realistic and immersive gaming experiences. Let’s look under the hood to see which types of software are dominating the field in the world of online gambling.

The big players

Before we start, it is worth drawing attention to the fact that a handful of big online gaming companies tend to own whole networks of casinos. And, they will use the same software platform for all of the casinos that they operate. When playing at an online casino it is thus a good idea to check which network of casinos it belongs to. If you like the software that is used for one casino on the network, chances are you will like the software that is used for its other casinos too.

Casino algorithms and random number generators

How does an online casino replicate the element of chance that you get when playing in a land based casino? For example, how does a web based casino replicate the random shuffling of a deck of cards or the random spinning of a roulette wheel? The answer lies in that casino’s algorithms. Casinos online will typically purchase a random number generator (RNG) software package. This software can be used to convert strings of random numbers into everything from cards picked from a poker deck by an automated ‘dealer’ to the symbols that a video slot machine rests on when you crank it’s virtual handle. Here’s a handy tip: if you do a little research and find out which RNG software a given casino is using, this will give you information about the casino’s house edge and your own probability of winning. This is because different types of RNG software offer different probabilities of success for both the individual gambler and for the house.

What factors should a good casino take into account when choosing a software provider?

Most UK online casinos do not write their own software. Rather, they purchase it from a third party software provider. Here are a few of the key things that a casino ought to look out for when purchasing their software:

  • Security: will it keep personal details and payment data safe and secure both from external hackers and from internal glitches?
  • Updates and customer service: a good software provider will still be on hand to provide help and support after the purchase has been made, regularly updating their software to improve it and dealing with customer queries promptly and effectively
  • Aesthetic: does the software give the casino the desired look and feel?
  • Reputation: it is always best to work with well known and trusted software providers wherever possible
  • Licensing: the software will need to be fully licensed and approved by the UK’s gambling authority, which regulates both online and offline gaming

Gamblers can do their own research into casino software, too, checking up on the security and reputability of the software that their chosen casino is using.

Other types of software used by online casinos in the UK

It would be impossible to give a totally exhaustive account of online gambling software and how it is used by UK casinos. It remains to say, therefore, that the world of online gambling software is a very expansive one, and there are lots of other applications of software to the gambling world. A relatively recent example is video streaming technology, which enables gamblers from all over the world to participate in games of blackjack, poker, roulette and more with a live dealer. An even more recent example is Virtual Reality technology, which some casinos are already adopting to give their clients a more immersive experience.

You do not need to be a tech expert to benefit from going under the hood

No special tech skills are needed to research the software providers that different online casinos are using, or to discover the probability of winning with one RNG algorithm compared to another. If you do want to go deeper though, and explore the scripts and codes that make up your beloved casino games, you will find that the journey is a rewarding one. Let your casino give up its secrets!